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JADERA HOLDINGS LIMITED has established itself as a company that provides a full range of services for the production of 3D and 2D animation. In addition to our own projects, which have high ratings and success with viewers. The mission of our company is to give joy to children

Kids animated series WhyFly

 Genre: entertainment and education 

Technology: 2D animation

 Age group: 3-7 y.o.

 First season: 50 episodes 

Distribution: TV, online platforms 

 Our cartoon is interesting and useful for children! 


Parents constantly hear a huge amount of «why’s» from their children, but they can’t 

always answer these questions in an accessible, fun and entertaining manner. 

And our WhyFly can! 

Why is there a rainbow? 

Why is the water wet and can put out a fire?

 Why is the sea blue, although the water is transparent? 

Why is the wheel round, and why should we brush out teeth? 

These educational, kind and funny animated series will tell children how the world works 

our children will love WhyFly! 

 Fascinating plots and bright colors 

Dynamic music and funny song 

Authors of the project consult with child psychologist 


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